Maxwell Gray

poet | translator | digital humanist    


Officially, I'm a medievalist graduate student in literary and library studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. More unofficially, I'm a poet, translator and digital humanist. My research includes practices of documentary poetry, literary translation and public digital scholarship. I'm also a research assistant on the digital humanities platform project Digital Mappa based on campus at the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture, where I do project & product management, open-access publication and digital pedagogy. Talk to me about academic information technology, medieval literary studies, and modern and contemporary poetry and poetics.

Contact: mgray5 [at] wisc [dot] edu | | @maxgray20
Programs: MLIS, iSchool, UW-Madison; PhD, English, UW-Madison
Degrees: MA, English, UW-Madison; MA, Comparative Literature, UW-Madison; BA, English, Phi Beta Kappa, Rhodes College


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